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I had the best Invisalign journey with Broseley Dental Practice. The team are all incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and supported throughout my entire treatment. The confidence in my smile since finishing has gone through the roof and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Broseley Dental Practice to anyone looking to improve their smile. Thank you to the whole team


Been at this dentist for years now, never had a problem with them, Manni and his assistant have been great with me and the receptionists are lovely! 


I have recently completed Invisalign dental treatment with Manny and I’m so happy with the results. The whole team were professional and friendly throughout my treatment and really put me at ease despite my initial anxiety. Thank you to everyone at Broseley Dental Practice for making the whole experience so easy. 


Had first visit yesterday and was very happy with the experience in comparison to our old dentist. The receptionist, dentist and dental nurse couldn't of been more welcoming and put my daughter (who isn't a huge fan of the dentist) at ease. Straight away the dentist identified she needed a mouth guard, something I had asked for on numerous occasions at our previous practice. Highly recommended. 


As someone who is usually terrified of the dentist, I was made to feel comfortable and at ease right from the very beginning of my Invisalign treatment with Manny and the team. The team make an effort to get to know you and learn your interests so that they can be chatty and make you feel welcome. If you have any issues with treatment, the reception team are eager to help in any way they can and arrange appointments for you very quickly. I highly recommend Broseley dental practice and wouldn’t go to any other dentist for cosmetic work on my teeth! Thank you so much Manny and team!


As an existing patient of the practice it was my first visit to the dentist since change of ownership. I first noticed the change in the waiting area, which were needed.

The dentist introduced themself to me and I already felt at ease. I had a thorough examination I was even asked to poke my tongue out (I felt a little silly and rude). The dentist reassured me this was not rude and that they were examining my whole mouth not just my teeth, as it was just as important.

I had 2 xrays and a scale was discussed under my band 1 treatment, however I declined the scale on the day due to having other commitments. I asked if I could see the hygienist at a later date, the dentist explained I could have a scale as a band 1 and the hygienist would be on a referral basis. I preferred the opton of the hygienist. All options and treatment prices were discussed in great detail.

I shall shortly be having some tooth whitening which the dentist also explained. They also advised me that any tooth whitening undertaken outside of a dental practice was illegal (which I did not know).

A lovely friendly relaxed visit to the dentist. I look forward to seeing further changes to the practice which the dentist explained they had planned.

I wish the dentist and their team all the very best with the practice.


Dr Manoj Joshi is a great dentist who put me at ease. the invisalign process was quick and easy with the team. Lucy and Helen are a big help with scheduling appointments. 


I had a very friendly efficient appointment this week with the Dentist, Dr Joshi, and the hygienist Vicki. It all went very well, there was no excessive waiting and fortunately I didn't require any treatment. 


I have been coming to Broseley Dental Practice since moving to the area three years ago. I can’t recommend them highly enough. The receptionist, Lucy, is always so friendly and cheerful and Manny is always very thorough and always takes the time to answer any questions. I am hopefully about to start Invisalign treatment and am confident that I couldn’t be in better hands. 


I highly recommend this practice due to both Mani and his dental assistant being friendly and informative during my treatment. They are always professional and empathetic during any of my treatments and always make me feel at ease. 

The receptionists are always very polite, friendly and helpful. A great team they have. 


Thoroughly professional service. All procedures carefully explained with options and outcomes made clear. While dentistry is often not the most delightful experience this practice ensures that you feel you are in good hands. 


I have been going to Broseley dentist this dentist only since Nov 21 after seeing an AD on Facebook for aligners. They are all really friendly and understanding even when I'm a little late. I changed dentist from Wellington and chose to travel 12 miles a opposed to 4 because of the service and knowledge they provide. I have found out such a lot about my teeth, which i didn't know before in terms of reason why gaps are forming i.e. pockets. They devised a cleaning regime program and other dental treatments from Dec 21 to present day which reduced my gum swelling from 45% to 15 %, and i can really see the difference. Instead of giving me aligners to close my gaps they are treating the cause which I prefer. They monitor your progress step by step and stage by stage and advice and support if you have declaimed. After my initial consultation, i wasn't forced to stay with them, but because they were so informative and explained comprehensively at a level of understanding about my teeth gums and hygiene, I made up my mind that i wasn't going to go back to Wellington, as it's not just about your smile, for me it about the whole package: your mouth, teeth and oral hygiene which ultimately encompasses your smile and it's worth it to travel 12 miles. My Husband and son have asked me for the number as they will also be going to this dentist. 


I visited the dental hygienist who is very thorough and gentle and explains what she is doing clearly. 

The receptionist is also always very cheerful. 

Mr & Mrs C

My Pandemic Project is coming to a close soon. After 2.5 years (including delays on my part), I am about to complete my Invisalign journey. I also received teeth whitening and composite bonding. My dentist, Manny, has been very thorough and detailed with his explanations and realistic expectations. That is why it was so easy to say yes to the treatments. Of course, I was so pleased and elated with the final outcome. Manny and I even had a good laugh at how we both forgot what my teeth initially looked like. It was a marvelous transformation indeed! 

As for the rest of the team, I couldn't be more grateful for their hospitality and professionalism. They upheld and maintained high standards with infection control within the practice during the pandemic and even when restrictions were easing up. Further, Helen and Lucy were always accommodating and helpful with my several rescheduling of appointments! 

And for that, a well-deserved 5-star from myself to the whole team. Thank you very much! I'm glad I found you guys! 


Arrived for dental check at 10.00am. Booked in and filled in the tablet with no problem. Help was on hand if needed. Went up to surgery on time, and made very welcome whilst preparing me for check up. 1st. class service and rapport. 


I followed Mani to Broseley Dental Practice and this necessitates a 45min drive. This tells you how much I think of him as a Dentist. The whole team are warm and welcoming. Feeling at ease and confident with a Dentist is a vital issue and with Mani and his team this is a given. My brother travels much further than me and and he took some convincing to make the journey because of the horrors he had encountered with a dentist. He has now found a Dentist in Mani who he feels confident with and doesn't fear or avoid appointments. 

A superb Dental practice. 


Excellent staff and service. They are my regular dentist but recently decided to have an implant done. Manny (the dentist) has made the whole process very easy and it has gone so smoothly so far. Just waiting for the new tooth now! I have complete confidence in him and his team and would recommend them to anyone. 


Couldn’t ask for better service. all the staff have been very friendly and helpful throughout my treatment. I had invisalign and am very happy with my results. Highly recommend them. 


I've been here for over a year for my Invisalign journey and it's been the best experience! The team are so friendly and welcoming. My dentist Manny, has completely transformed my teeth and I couldn't be happier. 100% recommend, lovely team :) 


I have been going to Broseley dental practice for the past 2.5 years where I have received treatment for Invisalign braces and composite bonding. 

The service and treatment I received has been brilliant throughout. Manny is extremely thorough in his approach and always provided honest and truthful expectations. Manny ensured I was getting the best out of my treatment by having regular appointments and never rushing the process, where multiple retainers were ordered past our expected timeframe and without an extra fee. I felt comfortable and confident under their professional supervision and I am extremely happy with the end result. 


I've recently had Invisalign and composite bonding to the edges of my teeth. I can't recommend Manny enough, he really does care about his patients and will go above and beyond to make sure you're happy. After a year of treatment, my teeth look fantastic. I love my new smile - it's improved my whole face. 



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